How to eq classical piano duo master track

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In this article, we will see how to equalize the master track of a piano duo. This will finalize the editing and mixing of the recording using a digital parametric equalizer.

The audio excerpt presented below was made specifically to illustrate this tutorial. The concert hall chosen for this recording is the famous Mozarteum Grosser Saal in Vienna, renowned for its excellent acoustics. Many famous artists performed in concert and recorded in this great hall. For the sound recording, we used a pair of DPA 4006 to capture the ambiance of the room, and two DPA 4011 stereo pairs near each piano. In this way, each track could be processed and pre-equalized separately.

The first audio excerpt is the mix without the final EQ on the master track.

The problem here was the excessive presence of bass that made the sound a little ” boomy ” and masked some frequencies in the medium range, including the melody played by the first piano. We therefore used a shelf filter to attenuate frequencies below 80 Hz by 3.4 dB and then cut a little around 150 Hz.

Once done, we then attenuated slightly towards 480 Hz, then added a little brightness around 7.9 Khz.

The result that we got puts more emphasis on the melody and offers more clarity and definition to the sound, but in return, we lost a little natural in the high-mids. We could have done things very differently to get a more natural sound, but in this context, it seemed good to keep these settings.
It’s up to you to experience what will work best for your duo piano recording.

Below are the settings we used with the Waves Q10 parametric equalizer.



Download high-quality audio files (.AIFF)

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